Going to Regular School

It’s the start of another school year in the Philippines, and children are already getting back to the routine of busy school days. For our street girls in Tahanan Sta. Luisa, going to a city public school is one of their biggest milestones to date.

Five girls are making the most out of their first foray into regular schools. Three are in regular elementary school, while two girls with special needs are enrolled in a special education school — all within a radius of a few kilometers from Tahanan.


And Tahanan could not be prouder of the brave girls who take advantage of the opportunity to learn and excel. Tahanan believes that education empowers street girl survivors of physical and sexual abuse and helps them continue their journey towards healing and recovery.

“Admittedly, I was scared to make this move. I thought that considering the girls’ behavior, they might try to escape and go back to the ways of the street,” said Nellen, Acting Center Director and Head Social Worker.

“But I realized that going to regular schools and interacting with other children will help them build their character. This is a fresh start to a goal to reintegrate them into the community,” she added.

House parents bring the girls to school and pick them up from school. The girls are always excited to share their stories about learning and interacting with newfound friends.

“What the girls value most is the sense and feeling of belongingness. They are more inspired and motivated to do tasks, including doing their homework and chores at Tahanan,” shares Nellen.


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