What We Do


We work with young street girl survivors of abuse in Metro Manila and nearby municipalities. The girls are referred to the center by social workers from Childhope Asia Philippines, city and municipal Social Welfare and Development units, hospitals, the police, other NGOs, and volunteer advocates.

We support the girls through their pain and help them get back on track in life. We focus on education, therapy, and life skills training to help the girls recover and reach their full potential.

Our end goals include helping girls heal, reconciling them with their families if feasible, and empowering them to be productive and independent members of society.


  • Maintain a clean, safe, and comfortable home
  • Provide food, clothing, and parental care
  • Ensure access to medical, dental, and health services
  • Foster an atmosphere of camaraderie, harmony, and trust
  • Build happy and healthy relationships


  • Facilitate home-based alternative education and/or enrollment in regular school
  • Develop reading, writing, and math skills
  • Develop positive values and determine life goals for recovery
  • Nourish spiritual life through prayer, reflection, and worship activities
  • Harness creative energies and talents through song, dance, art, and sports
  • Engage in play, games, cultural, and recreation activities
  • Teach life skills through baking, sewing, and computer lessons
  • Teach financial literacy through earning and saving money


  • Facilitate individual and group counseling by psychologists and social workers
  • Help resolve personal and emotional problems through a better understanding of the self and the environment
  • Provide regular psychological assessment, personality determination, and therapeutic learning activities
  • Work with mental health institutions and professionals to provide appropriate psychiatric care for girls with mental and/or behavioral problems


If you know a girl in need of help, refer her to the nearest municipal or city social welfare office. Social workers and representatives from the Department of Social Welfare and Development will assess the interventions needed and next steps to be taken.