Sewing her way to success

What does she get from sewing?

The craft motivates our girls to be more productive, piques their curiosity, and instills in them the values of hard work and patience.

At Tahanan Sta. Luisa, girls enjoy sewing sessions where they are taught cross stitching, patch work, and embroidery. They get to express their love for arts and crafts through colorful and beautifully designed rags and tote bags. But more than the finished product, sewing opens opportunities for the girls to be productive by helping out in their small ways.

The girls love their new sewing room complete with industrial-type sewing machines and worktables. With their own private spaces to work, they are more encouraged to learn about the craft. They learn how to carefully use the needles and threads, and have fun while deciding on the colors and designs. These simple but profound steps help boost their confidence in their capabilities.

Learning sewing skills is also part of their journey towards healing from trauma. It gives them a fresh perspective – something to look forward to everyday – that inspires them to enjoy their childhood. It’s also one of the best ways for them to spend time with friends and get mentored by social workers and house parents.

Tahanan’s sewing livelihood program is powered by loyal supporters who believe in our girls and their determination to be independent and productive members of society. Through the program, our girls are able to gain life skills that are their stepping stones to success.

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