The Joys of Learning Outside The Classroom

With the pandemic still in full throttle, distance and online learning have been the new normal. Teachers, students, and their parents have been compelled to navigate the intricacies of the online world to ensure that education does not take a back seat during the crisis. Online learning has its unique challenges, but the girls are slowly but surely adapting to the changes – the Tahanan way!

Just because our girls can’t go to school doesn’t mean that the learning should stop. Step by step, our girls are developing a deeper understanding of how learning requires actual work and discipline. Even when times get tough, our girls know that education is worth all the effort so they do their best and never give up on their dreams. Through the support of social workers, our girls can use online learning to their advantage and maximize opportunities to gain new ideas and concepts.

Plus, they learn more life skills through the sewing center social enterprise. They enjoy sewing bags, pouches, and many more designs while learning about the important values of hard work and perseverance. Social workers also bring fun into the learning through games that foster camaraderie and teamwork.