Gearing up for back to school: the hybrid way

It’s officially “Back To School” season in the Philippines and the girls of Tahanan Sta. Luisa are ecstatic to meet their teachers and classmates face to face. After nearly two years of online classes, our girls are very thankful to return to the classroom and learn side by side with their peers and friends.

This school year, however, will be unlike any other. Living in the “new normal” comes with its unique set of challenges, and schooling is no exception. COVID-19 remains a threat and health protocols must be strictly followed to ensure that everyone is safe. For us at Tahanan Sta. Luisa, we make sure that our girls know what to do to keep themselves protected whenever they’re out and about.

Excited to go back to school!

Students will also be navigating a hybrid approach to education. That means some days they will be required to go to the school building, while on other days they will be asked to learn outside the classroom and in the comfort of their homes. We trust that our teachers are doing their best to provide a safe environment for our girls to learn, play, and engage with their classmates.

Despite the challenges, Tahanan’s goal remains the same: to empower street girl survivors of abuse through quality education. We are proud of our girls for their commitment and dedication to learning and developing their knowledge and skills. With the proper guidance and inspiration, they are on the right track to reaching their full potential and becoming productive and independent members of our society.