Healing from Trauma through Skills Training

At the heart of Tahanan Sta. Luisa’s work is helping street girl survivors of abuse recover from trauma. The center realizes that the healing process requires endeavors to empower the street girls by harnessing their skills and potentials.

With the help of volunteers and partner organizations, Tahanan gives street girls opportunities to learn life skills that make them independent and productive. Short-term courses include lessons on arts and crafts, sewing, designing flower arrangements, t-shirt painting, using computers and the like. Cultural and recreational activities, such as music and sports, are also integrated in the program.

More than skills training, the activities motivate the girls to live out values as they go through their journey towards recovery. The girls enjoy flower arrangement workshops because it allows them to appreciate the colors and beauty of the flowers, and also explore different creative ways of designing and putting them together. The activity is also a way for them to relax while working.

Learning about sewing and the basics of computers are also activities that keep the girls at Tahanan busy and productive. Tahanan believes that investing in these endeavors go a long way in rebuilding the street girls’ self-worth. As they participate in the activities, they learn more about responsibility, accountability, and owning up to one’s work. Little by little, they are able to make informed decisions and gain self-confidence. Tahanan believes praise and positive reinforcement help encourage positive behavior among the girls.

Sports and recreation are equally important in building the girls’ character. From being timid girls, they are now able to express themselves and their emotions through creative activities like painting, singing, and dancing. Through the activities, Tahanan encourages the girls to go out of their comfort zones and communicate. The girls are also able to learn how to persevere and cooperate with other girls.  Tahanan hopes to invest more in skills training activities that not only enhance the girls potentials, but more importantly give them fighting chances for a better future.


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